"SPEED" Cessna 182 Lower Cowl Body Fairing Kit

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Product Number: 31-CBF-182-18D

"Speed" Cessna 182 Lower Cowl Body Fairing Kit

FAA-PMA-STC approved

The Cowl Fairing comes in two pieces and directs the air around the upper nose gear strut adding 3-4 mph in cruise speed to the aircraft.
Drag is also reduced by re-accelerating the exiting air from the cowling and helping it attach back to the fuselage. 

The parts are made from high quality hand laminated epoxy resin fiberglass for superior strength and long life.

The kit includes everything necessary for installation including hardware, step-by-step instructions, and STC.

This kit is extremely effective by itself or when combined with the "Speed" Nose Gear Fairing.
Product Number 20-500x5-CNGF-18D

Average Installation:  4 hours

Eligible aircraft: Cessna 182E, 182F, 182G, 182H, 182J, 182K, 182L, 182M, 182N, 182P, 182Q, 182R