Oversized Stabilator tip, PA28R-180, PA28-235, PA28R-200, PA28RT-201, PA28RT-201T (Fiberglass)

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Product Number: 60-65300-00-18D

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Piper Stabilator Tip, oversize, 12" deep part (right or left)
FAA-PMA Approved
Material: Fiberglass
Replaces OEM Part Number: 65300-00
Approximate Dimensions: L 30-375" X H 12.25" X W 3.60"

Eligible aircraft:

PA-28R-180 S/N 28R-30005 To 28R-7130019 Inclusive

PA-28-235 S/N 28-10003 To 28-7210033 Inclusive
PA-28R-200 S/N 28R-30482. 28R-35001 To 28R-7135238 Inclusive
PA-28RT-201. PA-28RT-201T

Excludes models:
PA-28-235,  S/N 28-7310001 and up
PA-28R-200, S/N 28R-7235001 and up
Stabilator tips are the same for both sides.  (Left or Right)

For standard size stabilator tip see product # 60-23-80A or 60-23F-18D