CESSNA LIFT STRUT FAIRINGS, Cessna 172 Strut Fairings 28-06-80A (1958-1973), 0522150-1, 0522150-2, 0522150-3, 0522150-4

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Product Number: 28-06-80A 

Cessna 170B/172/175 Strut Fairings (Early Models)(1958 to 1973)

FAA PMA Approved
TAP PMA Part Numbers:  28-07LFS, 28-07RFS, 28-06-RWS, 28-06LWS
Material: White ABS

Replaces OEM P/N's: 0522150-1, left lower, 0522150-2, right lower, 0522150-3, left upper, 0522150-4, right upper

Eligible aircraft:
Cessna 172 S/N 172-60759 and earlier
Cessna 175

Product can fit 170B, but this aircraft is not listed in the PMA approval.
Will not fit the the 170B strut that has the raised tee-pee rivet heads without a major alteration to these fairings.

A set of four includes the following fairings:

28-07LFS Left Fuselage to Strut Intersection (Replaces OEM part # 0522150-1)

28-07RFS Right Fuselage to Strut Intersection (Replaces OEM part # 0522150-2)

28-06LWS Left Wing to Strut Intersection (Replaces OEM part # 0522150-3)

28-06RWS Right Wing to Strut Intersection (Replaces OEM part # 0522150-4)

For 172's made after serial number 172-60759 use Product number 28-07-80A. 


Product is sold in sets or individually at check out. 

A Manufacturer's "Certificate of Conformance" log book label is available to purchase with this product.

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