Cessna Flap Roller Kit #4; 20-FLP-KT-4-19A

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Product Number: 20-FLP-KT-4-19A  

Each flap roller kit contains enough components for one aircraft. 

Basic kits include: rollers, bushings, shims, spacers (where required), and a copy of SEB95-3 (as applicable). The basic flap roller kits do not include the wear washers as required by Cessna SEB95-3 Rev.1 for the forward locations.

Kit Contents:

Description Qty
BUSHING FLAP (Stainless) 12
ROLLER FLAP (Narrow) 2
(SEB95-3, Rev.1 )

 Eligible Aircraft: Cessna 

Make Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
Cessna 177 17700001 17701164
Cessna 177A 17701165 17701370
Cessna 177B 17701371 17702752
Cessna 177RG 177RG0001 177RG1366
Cessna 206 2060001 2060275
Cessna 207 20700001 20700362
Cessna 207 20700001 20700006
Cessna 207A 20700363 20700788
Cessna F177RG F177RG0001 F177RG0177
Cessna P206 P2060002 P2060160
Cessna P206 P2060001 P2060160
Cessna P206A P2060161 P2060306
Cessna P206B P2060307 P2060419
Cessna P206C P2060420 P2060519
Cessna P206D P2060520 P2060603
Cessna P206E P20600604 P20600647
Cessna T207 20700001 20700148
Cessna T207 20700007 20700362
Cessna T207A 20700363 20700788
Cessna TP206A P2060161 P2060306
Cessna TP206B P2060307 P2060419
Cessna TP206C P2060420 P2060519
Cessna TP206D P2060520 P2060603
Cessna TP206E P20600604 P20600647
Cessna TU206A U2060438 U2060656
Cessna TU206B U2060657 U2060914
Cessna TU206C U2060915 U2061234
Cessna TU206D U2061235 U2061444
Cessna TU206E U20601445 U20601568
Cessna U206 U2060276 U2060437
Cessna U206A U2060438 U2060656
Cessna U206B U2060657 U2060914
Cessna U206C U2060915 U2061234
Cessna U206D U2061235 U2061444
Cessna U206E U20601445 U20601568