Cessna 172 Left Wheel Fender Mounting Plate (.090 Alum.): MC0541220-1-19A

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Product Number: MC0541220-1-19A

Cessna 172  Wheel Pant Mounting Plates  

  • Machined from high strength aluminum alloy
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Nut plates are riveted in place - ready to install! 

FAA-PMA Approved

Material: Heavy Duty .090 Aluminum Plate

Side: Right Hand 

Replaces OEM part number: 0541220-2

Maintenance Tip:

             How do I know if my Mounting Plates need to be replaced?

  • Wheel pant mounting plates commonly crack around the axle.
  • If any cracks are present, they should be replaced.
  • The cracks are caused by wheel pant vibration.
  • Assure that the wheel pant axle bolts are tight. Proper wheel balance will lessen wheel pant vibration.

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna 

Make Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
Cessna 172M 17261899 17267584
Cessna 172N 17267585 17274009
Cessna 172P 17274010 17276673
Cessna 172R 17280001 999999999
Cessna 172S 172S8001 999999999
Cessna F172M F17201035 F17201514
Cessna F172N F17201515 F17202039
Cessna F172P F17202040 F17202254
Cessna FR172J FR17200441 FR17200559
Cessna FR172J FR17200562 FR17200590
Cessna FR172K FR17200591 FR17200675
Cessna R172K R1722000 R1723454