Cessna 172 Interior Right Side Cable Access Pane Cessna 172R, S (1997 and up); 0519044-4

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Product Number: 28-P0519044-4-21B

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Cable Access Panel Right Side 172R, S

FAA-PMA Approved

Material: kydex 100 (PVC Acrylic) burn rated

Eligible Aircraft: CESSNA 172R, 172S (1997 and up)

Replaces OEM Part Number(s):  
0519044-4 / Cable Access Panel RH / 172R, S 
0519075-4/ Cable Access Panel RH / 172R, S 
0519075-8/ Cable Access Panel RH / 172R, S 
0519038-202/ Cable Access Panel RH / 172R, S 

NotePictures are of New Original Equipment Manufacturer products and are representative of overall part.  Finish trim and completion may be of higher quality in the FAA/PMA product.  Part color depicted here may not be an exact match to the actual part color as variances’ in computers may distort original image colors.