(4" Nav pad base)(Set of two) Whelen Orion LED Wing Tip Nav / Strobe Assy. Model 005-OR650-18D, 01-0790725 Series

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Product Number: 005-OR650-18D

4" Nav pad base 

WOW! This product now simply puts a LED NAV Light and Strobe combination available to all the older aircraft from Piper Cubs and on.
It also opens up the experimental aircraft categories and the Light Sport Aircraft for the same incredible lighting.
Amazing light intensity with self contained LED strobe technology and LED Nav light all in one!

Whelen Engineering is proud to introduce the NEW ORION650 Series of FAA/TSO approved LED aviation lighting.
Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art LED Technology available in an all-inclusive package, the ORION650 series eliminates the need for external flasher boxes.

Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and easily retrofittable to the Whelen legacy strobe products.

The ORION 650 series is quite simply the brightest form of LED Anti-collision and Position lighting available.
12v or 24v applications.
Red or Green combinations

Model         Part Number        Description

OR6501G    01-0790725-01       Wingtip PTA Green (Right) 12 Volt

OR6501R    01-0790725-02       Wingtip PTA Red (Left) 12 Volt

OR6502G    01-0790725-11       Wingtip PTA Green (Right) 28 Volt

OR6502R    01-0790725-12       Wing tip PTA Red (Left) 28 Volt

Approval Basis: FAA-TSO Approved

Replaces: 4" Base Nav/Strobe Assemblies 

Brand: Whelen Strobes / Lighting

Approval Basis: FAA TSO-C96a Class III / TSO-C30c Type

Specifications: Weight: 0.26 lbs

              Current Draw: 12V / 28V 0.30 / 0.15

              Amps Position 0.70 / 0.35 Amps Avg. ACL

              Lenses: Clear Hard coated Polycarbonate 

Replaces: Lighting for all aircraft with the small 4" Nav light pad base size from piper cubs and on, Any manufacture.

This also includes experimental and light sport aircraft with the 4" Nav pad base.

This application does not fit the Cessna models that have the conical droop style wing tips.